Looking for investors for World's first phygital AI-driven solution that influences customer purchasing decisions

Looking for investors for World's first phygital AI-driven solution that influences customer purchasing decisions

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    Looking for investors for World's first phygital AI-driven solution that influences customer purchasing decisions
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    United Arab Emirates
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    Dubai Internet City
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    1,000,000 AED
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    Free Zone
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    Owned by the Business
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      1. Market Opportunity Size: $12.88BN SAM, recurring revenue. Trend: 85% of retailers plan to implement personalization by 2025. Demanded: 60% of retailers failed to personalize their offers. Expected: 76% consumers expect real-time offers. Gap: Only 22% of consumers are satisfied with current personalization. 2. Strong Business Model Revenue Model: SaaS subscription, potential for $50M+ annually. Growth: 200% YoY customer growth in first phase. Scalability: Cloud infrastructure supports 1BN+ profiles, API-ready. Margins: 70% gross margin due to AI-driven automation. GTM: Indirect sales, via resellers and distributors. 3. Credibility Team Expertise: 100+ years in AI & retail combined. Proven Results: Two successful POCs with IKEA. NVIDIA Tech Audit passed: MTLAB is a part of NVIDIA Inception Elite. Deep Insights: Built on feedback from 300+ specialists (IKEA, Walmart). Top-Tier Advisory: Guidance from seasoned advisors at PwC, IBM, Microsoft. 4. Risk Mitigation Diversified Market Focus: 4 major global markets and 5 verticals. Regulations: DPO to monitor GDPR, CCPA, & ISO 27001 compliance. Future-Proofing: 3-phase R&D plan with a $2M annual budget. Feedback Mechanism: Bi-monthly reviews with top clients. Competitor Analysis: Regular deep dives to stay ahead of the market.

      CX Upgrade: It has redefined physical business-customer connections. AI Power: AI transforms purchase history & social media into real-time offers. Increase Loyalty: Special deals to smartphones near competitor sites. Boost Traffic: Personalized offers when customers near business location. Revenue Rocket: Real-time smartphone offers near in-store touchpoints. Full CCPA/GDPR compliance.

      2023: Expand functionality. Patenting key features. GDPR and ISO certification. Brand credibility infrastructure. Landmark pilot projects. 2024: Active sales in 4 macro-regions: North America, Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia (except China). 2025: Achieve sales volume of $25M. 2026: Achieve $1,0+ billion valuation through IPO

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