BXB Pricing


  Service                                       Price (AED)  Excl. VAT      
Buyer Data Subscription for all Listings: to access contact details of potential Buyers or Sellers  180/280/380 (3/6/12 month duration) 
Featured Listing   100/150/225 (1/2/3 month duration)
License Verification   Free for Buyer Data Subscribers
Automated Business Briefing Attachment   80
Online Business Brochure Builder  380
Platinum Listing Service  1,800
Basic Bundle: listing is featured for 1 month with 6 months subscription to Buyer Data  300
Full Service Bundle: listing is featured for 3 months with a Business Briefing Attachment & 12 months subscription to Buyer Data  480
BXB Premium Service: Professional write up of your Business & Business Briefing Attachment, listing is featured for up to 6 months & proactively marketed.   Price according to Business Size
Website Subscription to Access Full Business & Investment Listing Information and Investor Sentiment Data & Sale Trends for 3/6/12 Months  180/280/380 (3/6/12  month duration)                                                                                    



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