Innovative and Successful E-Commerce Skin Care Products Business for Sale

Innovative and Successful E-Commerce Skin Care Products Business for Sale

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    Buy Business
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    United Arab Emirates
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    Business Bay
  • Asking Price:

    400,000 AED
  • No of Employees:

  • Year Established:

  • Annual Revenue:

    1,000,000 AED
  • Annual Net Profit:

  • Trade Licence:

    No Licence Included
  • Business Hours:

  • Real Estate:

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  • Information on staff:

  • Information on transition to New Owner:

    We'll give 90 days support to the new owner, but even after 90 days the new owner is more than welcome to receive our support, we do believe that support should be there at all times. Support will be going by the following methods: Email Whatsapp Online call Phone call In person (If possible)


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      Very Strong Marketing strategies & Channels Dedicated Team could stay on (Operations & Marketing) Length of Operation in Niche Low Time Commitment Required Supplier offering better prices and higher quality compared to competition Fast delivery by trustworthy partners Growing niche Warm Pixel With Full Of Data Competitive profit margins Untapped & unexplored markets Loyal customers with over 10.65% returning customers 4.5* review rating out of 5 on Brand identity Innovative and Effective Solutions

      Innovatie Skincare products sold by B2C.

      Contracts (written or verbal) with customers and suppliers Brand identity Customer databases - 7.2K+ Customers Customer Email database - 6.2K email Subscribers Content, Images & Logos Advertising Accounts including Data (Facebook) Domain name Marketing materials Policies Relevant email accounts Social media accounts (7.6K+ Instagram Followers & Facebook followers) Website files, source code and content E-Commerce platform accounts Review account with over 158 reviews 4.5* rating. Dedicated Operations Manager & Marketing Manager

      Increase marketing budgets Expand marketing channels Add new product lines Expand sales channels Add affiliate marketing Expand target audience (Worldwide) And much more!

      Business Overview


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