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About Business Exchange Bureau

BXB was launched in 2016 and is the largest professional marketplace for business owners to buy and sell Businesses, Franchises, Investments and Business Assets in the UAE. 

It provides a centralised marketplace for SME's in order to increase both efficiency and business opportunity. Serious business buyers need transparency, standardisation and market insight. This can only be done through a professional platform that reflects genuine business activity.

Whilst the number of new businesses continues to increase year on year in the UAE, buying an existing business actually presents a far higher probability of success as the purchaser is buying both a proven concept and a track record in revenue. 

Enter BXB. We are here to connect great business minds to great investments and services.. is owned and managed by BX Bureau DMCC


To create a thriving secondary market for Businesses and Business Assets so that SME’s have the greatest chance to prosper and grow.


To create the best SME Eco System Globally that serves the needs of Owners and Investors in their respective Communities.


To uphold the values BXB was built on:
Integrity, Professionalism, Customer Centricity, Commitment and Continual Innovation


    We allow businesses to present their data in the most professional way possible so that you know at a glance whether a business may offer a genuine opportunity for you. We also verify business listings so that you have some comfort from the outset that the business is legally registered. 


    We are the largest professional business for sale website to be based out of and dedicated to the UAE. We will go to lengths to ensure your business listing is seen not only by as many potential Buyers as possible but also by the right calibre of Buyer. We help you market your business in the right way by prompting you for the most relevant information but allowing for privacy where needed.


    Each member of the BXB team provide world class expertise in their domaine. We are UNCOMPROMISING in our standards and are totally dedicated to ensuring we are providing the best product and service of it's type for the SME market.


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