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  • Type :

    Raise Capital
  • Business Type:

  • Business Name:

  • Country:

    United Arab Emirates
  • State:

  • Area:

    Business Bay
  • Asking Price:

    6,000,000 AED
  • Projected revenue for next year:

    22,000,000 AED
  • No of Employees:

  • Year Established:

  • Annual Revenue:

    18,000,000 AED
  • Annual Net Profit:

  • Trade Licence:

  • Total Net Assets:

  • Inventory Value:

  • Business Hours:

    7pm to 4am
  • Real Estate:

  • Lease Terms:

  • Annual Leasehold Rent:

  • Size of Premises (sq ft):

    sq ft
  • Reason for Sale:

  • Premise:

    Lounge Bar with separate DJ Counter, Shisha room, storage room,
  • Past financial performance:



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      We would be thrilled to provide you with reasons to consider buying our business. Here are some key points that make our company a compelling investment opportunity:
      1. Strong Financial Performance: Our company has demonstrated consistent financial growth and profitability over the years. Our track record reflects our strong business model, efficient operations, and effective financial management.
      2. Established Market Presence: We have built a solid reputation and a loyal customer base in our target market. Our brand is widely recognized, and we have a strong market position relative to our competitors.
      3. Growth Potential: Despite our existing success, there is significant opportunity for further growth. We have identified untapped market segments, potential expansion locations, and innovative product or service offerings that could drive future revenue and profit growth.
      4. Skilled and Dedicated Team: Our team consists of talented professionals who have the expertise and experience to successfully manage and grow the business. We prioritize continuous learning, development, and employee satisfaction to ensure a high-performing and motivated workforce.
      5. Strong Systems and Infrastructure: We have invested in robust systems and infrastructure to support our operations efficiently. This includes advanced technology platforms, streamlined processes, and efficient supply chain management. These factors contribute to cost savings, improved customer service, and enhanced scalability.
      6. Competitive Advantage: Our business has a unique value proposition and competitive advantages that set us apart in the market. This can include factors such as patented technology, exclusive supplier relationships, proprietary data or intellectual property, or a strong network of industry partnerships.
      7. Strong Customer Relationships: We have built strong relationships with our customers, resulting in high customer loyalty and repeat business. Our customer-centric approach, exceptional service, and customer satisfaction initiatives have contributed to our success in retaining and attracting clients.
      8. Positive Industry Outlook: Our business operates in an industry with a growth outlook. This is supported by market trends, consumer demand, technological advancements, or regulatory changes that favor our products or services.

      The key products and services offered by a nightclub typically revolve around providing entertainment, socializing, and a vibrant atmosphere for patrons. Here are some common offerings:
      1. Music and Live Performances: Nightclubs are known for their music, whether it's provided by a DJ, live band, or both.
      2. Dance Floors: Nightclubs typically have spacious dance floors where patrons can showcase their dance moves and enjoy the music. These areas are often equipped with lighting effects, smoke machines, and high-quality sound systems to enhance the experience.
      3. Drinks and Bar Services: Nightclubs usually have well-stocked bars offering a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They may have a variety of cocktails, spirits, beers, wines, and soft drinks. Skilled bartenders create and serve the drinks, and some clubs may even have signature or themed cocktails.
      4. VIP Services: Many nightclubs provide VIP services to enhance the experience for selecting guests. This can include exclusive seating areas, private rooms, bottle service, dedicated servers, and personalized attention.
      5. Theme Nights and Special Events: Nightclubs often host themed nights or special events to attract a specific crowd or create a unique atmosphere. These events could include costume parties, holiday celebrations, guest DJs, live performances by renowned artists, or themed music nights.
      6. Security and Safety: Nightclubs prioritize the safety and security of their patrons. They typically employ trained security personnel to maintain order, check IDs, and ensure a safe environment. This includes monitoring the crowd, preventing altercations, and adhering to local regulations and laws.
      7. Socializing and Networking: Nightclubs serve as social hubs where people can meet and interact with others. They provide an environment for socializing, networking, and meeting new people. Some clubs may have dedicated areas or lounges for conversation and relaxation.
      8. Late-Night Hours: Nightclubs are known for their late-night operating hours, often staying open until the early morning hours. This allows patrons to enjoy a vibrant nightlife experience after regular working hours.

      Sound System, Speakers, DJ Equipments, Furnitures and fixtures, Lighting and Electronics.

      In a competitive landscape, WCLUB faces established in August 2018, WCLUB offers a unique fusion of live music and DJ performances spanning various genres. Themed nights and collaborations with local artists enhance the nightclub experience, attracting a target audience of young adults aged 21-35. Located strategically in the downtown area, W CLUB benefits from its proximity to hotels, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife scene, which contributes to its growth prospects. A comprehensive marketing strategy, delivering an exceptional customer experience, and adapting to evolving trends are key drivers of WCLUB promising trajectory in the competitive nightclub industry.

      Business Overview


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