The first french smashed burgers restaurant in the UAE is looking for investors

The first french smashed burgers restaurant in the UAE is looking for investors

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    Raise Capital
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    The first french smashed burgers restaurant in the UAE is looking for investors
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    United Arab Emirates
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  • Asking Price:

    275,000 AED
  • Projected revenue for next year:

    5,509,650 AED AED
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  • Year Established:

  • Trade Licence:

  • Real Estate:

    Leased by the Business
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  • Size of Premises (sq ft):

    sq ft


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      We are seeking a last $75k investment to secure total financing need, as founders have invested $100k along with $75k from another already secured investor, straight equity.

      A product with a high-winning potential in the UAE This restaurant is revisiting the most popular product of all time through unique and refined flavors. Our burgers are blended daily, and smashed on-demand in our kitchen. Our buns are freshly made and minute toasted. This restaurant develops a purist concept with a brand new approach based on the french culture and savoir-faire. We have sourced reliable suppliers matching our quality standards and delivery requirements maintaining margins at a good level.

      The first physical location is on Jumeirah road, as part of our strategic plan to attract local residents before scaling with multiple locations. Jumeirah is very popular road in Dubai, home to numerous restaurants and a mandatory location for big brands and chains. Jumeirah is also a strategic location for online delivery, as it covers the beach side, city center (downtown) and financial center (DIFC).

      A disrupted competition with a segment opportunity Strategic positioning differs from existing players, creating a unique customer experience

      Business Overview


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