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Award Winning Yacht Manufacturing Business for Sale

Award Winning Yacht Manufacturing Business for Sale

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    Buy Business
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  • Country:

    Republic of Turkiye
  • State:

  • Area:

    Izmir- Other Areas
  • Asking Price:

    58,000,000 AED
  • Projected gross income for next year:

    Up to 100,000,000 with new resin infusion system implementation AED
  • No of Employees:

  • Year Established:

  • Annual Revenue:

    30,576,000 AED
  • Annual Net Profit:

  • Trade Licence:

  • Total Net Assets:

  • Size of Premises (sq ft):

    sq ft
  • Reason for Sale:

  • Premise Facilities:

    Two production areas, management office, ample storage, staff kitchen, spacious parking.
  • Information on staff:

  • Information on transition to New Owner:

    Support will be provided during the transition period.
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024121940
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122642
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122650
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122657
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_231202412275
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122712
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122719
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122726
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122742
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122749
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_2312024122756
  • Profitable_and_Fast_Growing_Yacht_Manufacturing_Business_for_Sale_231202412282


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*Successful yacht manufacturing business running since 2020. *Entire manufacturing process managed in-house. *Range of yacht sizes can be made up to 12 meters in length. *86,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with capacity to accommodate 16 yachts at a time. *65 highly skilled employees with management in place ensuring seamless operations. *Multiple awards for Yacht design. *Very profitable and efficient business. *Great opportunities for global growth.

Customised yachts up to 12 meters in length

Resin infusion system to be implemented which halves production time and therefore double the output capacity.

Business Overview


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